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Multicraft Training Institute Ltd.

Multicraft Training Institute Limited

Through the ages, training has been considered as a sine-qua-non, or indispensable, to any branch of discipline, whether it is the general bureaucracy, or technocrat in any area or a professional. The Ahmed Amin Group, as a firm believer in this philosophy, has always endeavored to ensure that when it’s very important subsidiary Career Overseas Consultants Ltd. (COCL) is engaged in the selection and supply of any personnel,the candidate is properly trained in the area of their work discipline so as to fully and appropriately fit in into the job assigned. In order to achieve optimum perfection in the area of training, the COCL has set up its own training institute named Multicraft Training Institute (MTI). Established in 1994, on a 22000 sft area, the center houses 7 classes for theory, 7 workshops and can accommodate over 1,000 trainees/interviewers. The efforts have been directed towards making the MTI into a perfect model of vocational training institutions in the areas of its interest. Arrangements have been made to impart both academic and practical training as considered necessary so that the right person can be placed at the right time. In other words, all our efforts are directed towards the guarantee that we do not provide any “misfit” to our valued clients. Constant endeavors are on to improve upon the existing level of training so that over a period of time, the MTI turns into a vocational training center of excellence, and not only provide services to COCL, but it is also open to all to take the world-class service of its institute.


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