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About Us

Ahmed Amin Group is the outcome of the pioneering efforts of three young entrepreneurs with vision, zeal and enterprise to strive for the best. Added to these was the sustained guidance and unflinching encouragement of their father, who was himself a retired senior Government officer. Ever since its inception, the Group has been striving to build a reputation on a solid framework, and in doing so, the Group has sought to utilize the expertise of its team of senior and forward-looking management experts, technocrats, economists, commercial and marketing specialists and enthusiastic field staff to cater to the needs of organizations looking forward to invest in innovative technologies and projects in Bangladesh.

The Group’s success is largely credited to its core group of well-experienced and dynamic professionals. With their technological know-how, management skills and proficiency in their respective fields acquired through decades, Ahmed Amin Group has been able to acquire broader perspective of the clients’ needs and objectives.

The Group draws on the strength and resources of its personnel. Their spirit, hard work, professionalism and dedication have enabled it to earn the reputation of a credible, competent and professional organization. It has given the Group the confidence to reach greater heights and win the assurances of its business associates around the world and striving to minimize our clients’ business risks with cost effective and ever upgraded services.

The Group has been reached to its present status by dint of its hard-work and dedication, winning the assurances of its business associated over a decade and now represents the renowned companies in Asia, Europe and USA, and is proud of by providing the best professional services.

With the passage of time, the Ahmed Amin Group has flourished and established a number of subsidiaries dealing with different disciplines of trade and economic activities. Some of the subsidiaries are already functioning with remarkable success and some others are in the offing. A brief description of the activities of the subsidiaries will provide the discerning reader an idea of what the Group is all about. The group brochure is available on request or it can be seen at the web page of Ahmed Amin Group :

Ahmed Amin Group presently has 7 offices including a corporate office located in Dhaka and one Liasion office in Chittagong, where facilities are provided for timely completion of projects. The Group has got more than 550 employees in various professions, ensuring project execution in terms of time, cost and quality. Besides, the Group is ISO 9001certified and it is to control project variables and execute projects just the way customers so desire.