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Baraka Limited

Baraka Limited.

BARAKA Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of Ahmed Amin Group established on 28th April, 1998 engaged in manufacturing and marketing different consumer goods in the country. In this process, this company, with its experienced and capable staff, endeavors to continuously review and improve upon its products and services ensuring the highest quality with optimum satisfaction to the customers. BARAKA Ltd. has developed a well entrenched distribution network in the country for marketing its various products in the most efficient and successful manner possible.Baraka Ltd. is also involved with a number of foreign renowned companies in this endeavor.

In order to achieve the optimum amount of efficiency, BARAKA Ltd. has been divided into different working divisions. Brief details are enumerated below:

LPG Division

BARAKA Ltd. (LPG Division) is one of the branches of Baraka ltd. entrusted for Importation, Bottling, distribution and marketing of LPG throughout the country.

Baraka Ltd wants to be the market leader within 2022 and prevail as the role model of LPG operators of Bangladesh using the latest technology with innovative business solution to satisfy the end users.

Study has shown LPG Consumption in 2018 stood at 0.7 million MT. Demand is estimated to rise around 1.6 Million MT in 2021. In a country with 160 million inhabitants – a number only expected to keep rising – all relying on LPG for domestic purposes, a huge amount of gas cylinders is needed and demand is sky rocketing. To be more exact, the current LPG need is 1.5 million MT/year whereas the current LPG capacity in Bangladesh is merely 0.7 Million MT/year. It has recognized that soaring LPG demand is booming in Bangladesh.

In order to cope with the need for accelerating the growth of LPG in Bangladesh and to continue the national economy, Management of Baraka Ltd. has planned to construct an import based 5000MT Capacity LPG Bottling plant and satellite stations in different corners to cater all the tangible customers. Moreover, the company will make LPG network for the satellite township and Housing/Apartments complex.

Baraka Ltd. (LPG Division) has also planned to construct a LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant to cope up with growing demand of LPG market in the country.

Baraka Ltd. wants to utilize the company capacity and latest technology to strengthen the downstream of oil and gas industry and contribute to the nation’s energy diversity. To retain downstream leadership of oil and gas industry, focusing on long term business sustainability and selling productivity with consistent growth potential without forgoing quality.


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