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BARAKA Logistics Pte. Ltd.

BARAKA Logistics Pte. Ltd.

Baraka Logistics Pte. Ltd. (BLPL) was established as part of the Ahmed Amin Group (AAG) portfolio of companies. As part of AAG, BLPL leverages a vast network of professional procurement experts and innovative resources to deliver customized solutions to customers and suppliers. Our goal is to effectively provide innovation and sustainable supply security at the core of our every Global procurement operation in a fast-paced technological environment. We aim is to optimize the financial contribution for our company while we ensure that all goods and services are available on time, as specified and at the most sustainable conditions.

Together with our list of renowned Global suppliers, our global Procurement team inspires each other to provide the “extra mile” for our customers and Business Sectors. Constantly challenging the status quo, we implement compliant and efficient processes by using advanced digital solutions, applying them in a flexible and agile way. Our procurement team support a wide range of clients and work with suppliers and manufacturers on a day-to- day basis.

BLPL is currently working with authorized Intelligence agencies on multiple projects and many more are being processed for the future. We offer solutions for Data Centers, Forensic Labs, CCTV, Access Control, Border Control, Drone interception, Anti-Money laundering solutions and many others which provides BITL with advanced technological competitive edge over others operating in the industry making us unique in the forefront of the technology offered. We have currently implemented CCTV and Access Control solutions with a Security Agency under the Government of Bangladesh and many more are in the pipeline as well including other Government agencies in Bangladesh with the hopes to revolutionize the IT and Security sector for a better and secure tomorrow.


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