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BARAKA Engineers Ltd. Concrete Block Division

BARAKA Engineers Limited


Baraka Engineers Ltd. (Block Division) was established around 2012 as a subsidiary of Ahmed Amin Group with main focus to help build our community and country with modern state of the art technology concrete blocks that are at the forefront of technological innovation. This division was established with the core objective to build, grow and sustain our community and environment with our ready made concrete blocks. We at Baraka
Engineers Ltd. (BEL) introduced our innovative concrete blocks to combat the adverse affects which traditional
bricks has on the environment and on the soil. Traditional bricks destroy the soil and negatively impacts the
growth of plants. Our blocks are specifically built to assist the sustainability of green life and promote environment friendliness for generations to come. Concrete blocks are being used and implemented on a constant basis
on developed countries such as France, Italy, UK, Spain, Europe and USA, North America, India, Malaysia and
others at an increasing rate due to the numerous benefits it provides to the country and it’s environment. As a
result, we at BEL introduced these products in the market only for the betterment of the country and our
environment ensuring the protection and sustainability for generations to come in the future.

We are proud to be one of the innovative paving block producer and introducing various kind of concrete blocks of high strength, unparalleled quality and long lasting endurance in the market. Over the years, we had the opportunity to introduce innovative unique and revolutionary products that have changed the market for years to come such as our patented Interlocking paving blocks, Interlocking Erosion/slope control blocks and many others. Our strong focus on innovation, quality and dedication towards protecting the environment has provided us with an edge over our competitors in delivering the highest quality solutions possible.

Baraka Engineers Limited has been making significant contributions in the construction industry of Bangladesh by producing high quality environment friendly and high strength blocks that not only raises the benchmark of the endless possibilities but also protects the environment for a better future tomorrow.

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