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Business Development Corporation Ltd.

Business Development Corporation Limited

Business Development Corporation Ltd. (BDCL) is one of the major subsidiaries of the Group. The BDCL has a number of Divisions engaged in different types of economic disciplines like Consultancy, Trade and Project implementation and related activities. The BDCL is manned with a number of personnel having proven track record in top management positions in the Government, Semi-Government and the Private Sectors. These personnel have decades of rich experience in Public Administration, Planning and Development, Project management, Environmental management, Trading, Mining and Exploration and Production of hydrocarbon covering upstream and downstream activities in the energy sector and in international economic relations. Their close familiarity with the Government and the Private Sector, has added new dimensions to the undertaking of the BDCL. As a multi-disciplinary concern, the BDCL has gradually expanded its arena of activities in the trading, import and export of commodities in bulk and other related fields. A number of renowned and important business houses in Europe, America, the Middle East, South and South East and East Asia have chosen the BDCL as their representative in order to have their strong business footage in Bangladesh.


Since the BDCL is a local associate/representative of a number of international and reputed suppliers/manufacturers of oil field equipment and related services like drilling, mud-chemical, cementation, logging, testing, well-completion and seismic survey, this Division concentrates on provision of these services to the undertakings in Bangladesh, both in the Private and the Pubic sectors. This Division is also involved in the development of oil and gas sectors of the country, helping to attain energy security.

This is a new breed of energy division, looking at regional needs, linking resources to markets and creating the right infrastructure for project’s success. The division has the right people, the strategy, the assets and the technical abilities to succeed – even in an environment of depressed commodity prices. This division is designed in a way to provide the best services in the field of both upstream and downstream petroleum activities.


This Division serves as a linkage between leading oil traders and state-owned entities engaged in the development and operation of hydrocarbon sector. It mainly directs its activities in the import of products required for the petroleum sector. At present, the items are mainly various types of gas and oil field equipment and services for the petroleum sector of Bangladesh.

The BDCL is registered as a supplier with the Directorate-General of Defence Purchase (DGDP) for supply of various types of defence equipment through international bidding. The BDCL is thus an active bidder for supplies to the DGDP as well as to the Aviation Sector of the country.

The BDCL, through this Division, is engaged in bidding and supplying of machineries, equipment, pipelines and accessories to the Gas Transmission and Distribution Companies. It also offers machineries, equipment, accessories to ports, railways, roads and other organizations engaged in infrastructure development of the country.

This Division has been designed to participate in International Tenders for supply of fertilizer, sugar and petroleum products to state-owned importing agencies of the country

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