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BARAKA Fisheries Ltd.

BARAKA Fisheries Ltd.

In 2016, Ahmed Amin Group divulged into the world of culinary with it is introduction of Baraka Fisheries Limited (BFL) to the ways market. We are known in the market for producing seafood of the highest standard with great emphasis on the care and attention that we provide in choosing the best seafood for all our products.

BARAKA Fisheries Limited pioneered a process that the fisheries and seafood industry would operate for the year to follow. This innovation has set the stage for the introduction of BFL which redeems us as the No. 1 brand of fisheries and seafood.

Initially we introduced soft shell crabs into the market in Bangladesh and planning to extend the production to other seafood as well. Soft shell crabs are becoming very popular around the world and are considered a delicacy. The shell is completely soft (and edible); the entire crab can be eaten as a whole. This product is available throughout the whole year round and is not a seasonal factor. Mud crabs are abundantly available in tropical mangrove swamps; as such there is a continual source of soft shell crabs. In order to create better quality of soft shell crabs, water in the farming pond is a mix of 70% seawater and 30% clear water. Individual crabs are placed in the cages and are monitored around the clock. All crabs are fed with fresh sardine fish. Soft shell crabs are soaked in chlorinated water (chlorine content: 5ppm) and ozone treatment to kill the bacterial and maintain freshness.


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