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BARAKA Renewable Energy Ltd.

The proper solution of use green energy to save the environment

BARAKA Renewable Energy Ltd a subsidiary company of AHMED AMIN GROUP is established in 2008, with a group of quality engineers and enriched R&D cell. With the growing demand for the energy in the country, it has become imperative to look for alternative source of energy BARAKA Renewable Energy Ltd. is engaged in developing alternate sources of clean energy and promoting Solar PV system, Solar-wind hybrid system, Solar water purify system, Solar mini-grid and mega grid project.


» The price of energy is rising, a fact reflected in every electricity bill you receive. The solution: become an independent electricity producer and free yourself from future price increases.

» By using a photovoltaic system are making a major contribution towards the energy revolution towards the energy revolution and an environmentally friendly energy supply. In contrast to fossil fuels, the sun will never run out and every kilowatt hour (kWh) of solar power saves CO2.

» But what is photovoltaic’s? Photovoltaic’s is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation through the use of solar cells. The direct current from the solar modules is converted by an inverter into the alternating current typically used in households. It is then fed into the public grid via an electricity meter or consumed directly by the electrical appliances in the home.

» With a storage unit, the power from the photovoltaic system can be used day and night. The surplus energy from the photovoltaic system is stored in a battery and is then available for use during the evening and night.