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BARAKA Renewable Energy Ltd.

With the growing demand for the energy in the country, it has become imperative to look for alternate sources of energy. BARAKA Renewable Energy Ltd. is engaged in developing alternate sources of clean energy and promoting bio mass power plants, bio-diesel power plants, solar PV systems, solar mini-grid systems, solar home systems, mini-hydro as well as bio-methanation projects. It is fact that once a renewable infrastructure is built, the fuel is significantly cost effective. The sun provides fuel that is free in amounts that is effectively limitless.

The company in collaborating with a foreign company is in the process of setting up Solar mini-grid System of 268 kw capacity in an isolated off-grid riverine island/char, Noonertek. The company with another expatriate company is venturing to install Traffic Signal System and Solar Power System with Timer Countdown in various cities. We are also looking forward to generate electricity from Solar-Wind hybrid system under Joint Venture to ensure access to affordable and sustainable energy to remote areas.