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BARAKA Engineers Limited.


Baraka Engineers Ltd. (Dredging Division) is a subsidiary of a fast growing multi-dimensional business organization of Ahmed Amin Group. We have started the dredging business, keeping in mind to serve the nation by improving navigability of the morbid rivers and canals through dredging as it is considered the cheapest way of transport. Presently, we have a dredging fleet comprising of 2 (two) 18” cutter suction dredger with ancillary crafts and sufficient shore and floating pipes. Hydraulically and electronically operated modern European origin 18” cutter suction namely CSD Kumar and Dhaleshari and six dredgers are also under process of acquisition.

We are also in association with well reputed foreign dredging companies so as to participate in any big volume of dredging work in Bangladesh and can be completed within the shortest time schedule with the complete work satisfaction of the employers. Once our dredging capability will increase after the expansion of our dredging fleet, it will further aid our dredging efficiency, capacity and capability significantly.

The division is led by a highly qualified and specialized team of engineers mostly retired from BIWTA with a remarkable background in dredging operations and maintenance at BIWTA are the factors that are the amalgamation of Baraka Engineers Ltd. (Dredging Division).