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BARAKA Engineers Limited


BARAKA Engineers Ltd. (BEL), another subsidiary of Ahmed Amin Group, is one of the nation's most advanced owned architecture and engineering, design/build and construction firms. BEL, has the necessary capabilities, professional talent and universal reach to offer fully integrated projects to our clients that set new standards in the quality, value and efficiency.

BEL serves clients in a wide variety of industries. This company has enrolled and associated with reputed Engineers of the country, some of whom have held high positions in the Public and Private sectors. BEL has a major stake in turnkey projects in the construction sector. Committed to ensuring the highest level of quality, BEL is involved in developing luxurious and cost effective high-rise buildings. Its development activities include luxury residential buildings as well as commercial office complexes. It has also planned to set up an Engineering workshop to supplement the work of the company.

BEL also has it's own Eco-friendly building materials manufacturing plant to manufacture: Hollow Blocks, various kinds of paving blocks, building bricks etc. to meeting all international standards to supports their own and also to supply to their local clients. BARAKA Engineers Ltd. also has earned this unique position by obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certificate, proving its competence and maintaining quality standard.


This Division is engaged in providing consultation services for project planning, project preparation, project evaluation, techno-economic feasibility study, implementation of Engineering projects, project management and market feasibility study. The Division also provides consultants to Clients in the fields of water management and water supply engineering, railway, airport development, information technology, management and accounts/finance. The Division also arranges consultancy services for its clients from its foreign associates of USA, Canada, Europe and South and South-East Asia. BEL has well-qualified and specialized Professional staffs in the field of Engineering design and construction supervision and are ready to render best services to clients anywhere in the world. They are supported by highly skilled and experienced team of technical personnel.



Baraka Engineers Ltd (BEL), a company of Ahmed Amin Group, is in the forefront of technological development by having their a modern state of the art technology concrete block making plant along with batching plant at Savar, Dhaka to manufacture innovative high strength concrete products in collaboration with Acme Paving Consultants Pte Lt., Singapore and John Emery Consultants of United Kingdom as a technological partner.

The block making machine uses high frequency vibration and low water/cement ratio to produce concrete blocks of superior strength that are suitable for heavy duty paving at Airports, Ports, Container depots, Roads, Bus Terminals, Railway Crossings, Interchanges, Lay-by's, Bus Bays, River embankments, Pedestrian Walkways, for erosion control and other areas. The concrete products are manufactured according to British Standards/European nation Standards or to local requirement and nevertheless, the products are 100% ecofriendly.